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About Us 2

About Us

  • We would like to introduce our selves as a Valuable manufacturers and exporters from Pakistan. We are making and exporting all kind of Gloves and Leather Accessories, and special articles of Paintball and Tactical Gloves on the demand of customers.If you have any inquiry or query then feel free to contacts us.
  • Gradually our scientific & inventive development expertise grew in the field of Gloves.
  • Our established brand name "Nizam Pak Industry" combines the inventive products with specific ornamental patterns & designs, which shows robust skill and experience of Gloves manufacturing. Our dedication to professionalism in the field of Gloves is admired and comprehensively appreciated in all Gloves loving countries of the world. Our professional approach towards the manufacturing of quality Gloves products has also been administered through our foreign buyers.
  • Our company standard range is Winter Dress Gloves, Winter Fleece Gloves, Car Driving Gloves, Bicycle Gloves, Weightlifting Gloves, Horse Riding Gloves, Mechanices Gloves, Basebal Batting Gloves, Motorbike Gloves, Sliding Gloves, Police and Army Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Golf Gloves, Ski Sports Gloves which is readily available at your finger tips.If there is any product(s) you desire but has not been mentioned on our web site, please feel free to write to us.
  • (You may have to specify your requirement with your given sample or with references to any international catalogues). Quality control is rigorously enforced at every stage of manufacturing, final inspection and standard packing.
  • Prices are calculated realistically and commensurate with quality standards. We do not compromise on prices at the cost of quality.
  • We religiously adhere to performance of our commitment of deliveries. All factors that could put us off balance are predetermined to forestall any delays. A time margin even for unforeseen circumstances is accounted for before committing a delivery date. In conclusion, we hope that all the above information & our web site with its specialties will help you to simplify your work and to make our good mutual business relations.